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Don't break your resolultion! Keep up your yoga practice. Here are some good reasons why:  

  • You are invited to a Winter Soup Party! These are lots of fun. Sunday, February 8 at the happy home of Amy Ohrtman. Sign up and get directions at the studio. 
  • Flap your bingo wings (what we call triceps) in a rousing game of Zen-go! Pick up your Zen-go card at any class and practice to win - more yoga! Details at the studio. 
  • New to yoga? Try Monday's foundations class. Looking for a challenge? Michelle takes it to the edge on Wednesday's longer class. Just want to punch something? YogaBox is for you.


Zen in the District's certified trainers offer hatha yoga, and fitness for a wide range of fitness and experience levels.

Zen's name is the root of the word, from the Chinese word Ch'an which derives its root from the Sanskrit word Dhyana which means, meditation.  Dhyana is one of the eight limbs or paths of yoga.  We encourage our participants to move more deeply into their practice, to study it, to notice.  Meditation is not an act of disassociation, but one of non-reaction and observance.  Our classes are the meditation of movement and body awareness.  Zen in the District is Not faith based, denominational, or associated with Zen Buddhism.

Our innovative yoga studio is in the downtown district of Toledo, Ohio, and offers an urban, yet peaceful retreat where downtown workers can easily incorporate mind and body awareness, as well as an opportunity to eliminate stress during their work week.  Using yoga poses and breath awareness, participants develop strength and flexibility in the body while encouraging a sense of peace and calm for the mind and spirit.

Zen offers all levels of yoga training.  All instructors are certified, and our advanced instructors are registered with Yoga Alliance.

Come and visit this unique studio and experience the healthy benefits of a regular yoga practice.


 or sometimes we answer the phone: 419-244-4ZEN.