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April is the cruelest month -- said some poet. April is also poetry month. Expect to hear some sonnets, odes, and elegies in your classes this month. If that's not enough to delight you, it's also Easter Egg Incentive! Come to the classes marked on the calendar with easter eggs, and choose an easter egg from our basket. We're not saying you'll win the lotto, but you might get some Zen swag, or even a free class. 


Yoga gets you through a rainy month. It's always sunny upstairs in the Zen studio!


OK, Look at Michelle on our window ledge with all of downtown out the window. We Love this! 


Zen in the District's certified trainers offer yoga 
for a wide range of fitness and experience levels.

Our studio philosophy is a karmic one. We feel and
act as part of a larger community. We are a warm and
friendly community that welcomes laughter and fun. Welcome, everyone. 


Our style of practice is vinyasa. Most classes are a flowing
series. Students can choose from a wide range of classes,
from foundational to challenging. All instructors are certified,
and our advanced instructors are registered with Yoga Alliance. 

Zen in the District is not faith based, denominational, or
associated with Zen Buddhism.

Our innovative yoga studio is in the downtown district of Toledo, Ohio,
and offers an urban, yet peaceful retreat where downtown workers
can easily incorporate mind and body awareness, as well as an
opportunity to eliminate stress during their work week.  

Come and visit this unique studio and experience the healthy benefits
of a regular yoga practice.


 or sometimes we answer the phone: 419-244-4ZEN.